Q. I want to replace my entry door, can I replace it with any door of my choosing?
A. In some cases you will notice that some unit owners have installed entry doors that are not the same design as the original 6-panel solid door originally installed on the units. If you were to choose this kind of replacement, the Board of Directors could offer no guarantee that the current Board or some future Board might require it be changed.

The following link is an example of an acceptable door which can be used. Keep in mind that the door will have to be painted to match the original color scheme used. The paint specification can be found on the Cloverplace website and the correct paint is available from Sherwin-Williams on SR 580.

Premium 6 panel steel slab entry door

In regard to garage doors, the rules about visual similarity also apply. The following link is to a line of garage doors which are of high quality. It's important to remember that garage doors must meet more stringent hurricane requirements than those that were in place when Cloverplace was built so you should make sure you deal with a reputable seller/installer. A building permit will be required. Some garage door manufacturers offer colored doors however they don't match closely enough. Your best bet is to purchase a white door and have it painted to the specification mentioned above.

Go to the Forms page for more information about fences, landscaping, paint, roofs and alterations.

Sherwin Williams Paint Colors:
Tan- SW7517 Rivers Edge
Grey- Silverpointe SW7653
White- SW7006 Extreme White


Q. How can I get in contact with the Board of Directors?
A. Please use the Contact Us page.

Q. The street light is out, who should I call?
A. Make a note of the closest street address or the pole ID number. Call Duke Energy at 800-228-8485, and select option 3.


Q. My insurance company needs the Association’s insurance information.
A. Call the Association’s insurance agent. Their number can be found at



Q. I put my trash out at the curb and it wasn’t picked up, who should I call?
A. On occasion, the trash pick up accidentally misses or overlooks a unit. Usually that can be rectified by calling 727-572-6800 and Waste Connections will send someone out to pick it up if at all possible.

Q. Is there a limit to how much trash I put at the curb?
A. Generally, the pick-up is geared to items that will fit in the standard garbage can however if items are small, not too heavy, few in number and neatly placed alongside the garbage can they will usually be picked up. Waste Connections has also agreed to remove "yard waste" as long as the total number of items does not exceed 10. In the case of yard waste, sticks and branches must be in small bundles and cut in 4' lengths. Other "yard waste" must be in plastic bags.

Q. I put a mattress out for the trash and Waste Connections didn’t take it. What now?
A. Items, especially big ones like mattresses, furniture, etc. will only be picked up with certainty if the unit owner calls Waste Connections at the number above and makes arrangements for the pick up. The Association only covers the standard pickup. Other items need to be removed at the individual unit owners' expense.

Q. I put my trash out and the vultures tear open the bags and make a huge mess. What can I do?
A. It seems that the vultures have an attraction to white garbage bags. We suggest that you use a trash can with a lid or black garbage bags.