Pool Key

Dear Cloverplace Residents,

The wait is finally over and we are ready to distribute the new pool access cards. Once we feel that most of the community has received their new card, we will activate them. Once this happens, you will no longer be able to open the gate with the bathroom key.

The following is the process for obtaining your card:

1. Go to The pool documents can be found in 2 locations on the site. You can locate them under the Association tab or on the Form page.

There is a total of 4 documents:
a. The pool rules for you to read.
b. The process for the pool key distribution for you to review.
c. The Pool Access Agreement- This needs to be completed by the owner of the unit and initial by the tenant. This form will need to be renewed with each new tenant.
d. The Pool Key Release Form- The owner will need to complete this form. It must have the owner’s signature to allow the tenant to pick up the key on their behalf.

2. Get copies of the 1st and last page of lease agreement. If tenant never went through approval process, you will not be able to receive a key until this is completed.

3. Make sure all association dues and fines are paid. You will not be able to receive a key if you owe the association money.

4. Contact Robert Kelly at

You will need to have the following documentation with you:
a. 1st and last pages of lease agreement
b. Pool Access Agreement completed
c. Pool Key Release Form completed
d. Photo ID
If you are not able to make it to one of the above times, email Kelly Hendrickson at to set up appointment.

If you cannot access the documents on the website, you may pick up hard copies at the Ameri-Tech office or you can email to request hardcopies.

It will be the owner’s responsibility to retrieve keys from departing tenants. Owners will need to submit new Pool forms for each new tenant. Keys will be deactivated if documentation is not received.
It will cost $25.00 to replace gate card and $10.00 for bathroom key.


The Cloverplace Board 2023